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Bathrooms are fresh and clean rooms. But they become even more fresh with plants, a great source of natural environment. Plants bring an incredible sense of calm and well-being, perfect for a space that’s all about relaxation.

In a full white bathroom, the plants create a strong contrast and they soften the lines of tiles and bathroom fixtures.

Before you pick a plant for your bathroom, take into consideration the characteristics of the environment. The bathroom has a moist and humid environment that is generally good for plants. But the temperatures fluctuations can be a problem – from warm when you shower to cold when it’s not used for several hours.

Also, many bathrooms have a small window and they receive low levels of sunlight. Choose plants that don’t need plenty of light and that can adapt to lower levels of light. For example, ferns require more care to survive than succulents do.

Tropical plants can be a good choice as they can resist in arid conditions for a longer period of time and don’t need particular care.

There are a few examples of great plants that will refresh your bathroom: mother-in-law’s tongue, cast iron plant, bird’s nest fern. You can also take a look at the photo gallery for more inspiration.

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